Join just as confused and eager to learn men who desire to inherit solutions to better understand and communicate with women and create fulfilling, thriving connections that last.

This online program is available from July 18, 2022.

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I meet men all the time who feel frustrated and confused by women. We don’t exactly learn how to successfully do relationships at school.


Being in a relationship with the opposite sex isn’t easy. The truth is, it really is frustrating and confusing being with someone you don’t fully understand - and who doesn’t understand you. It’s so common to feel like you never get it right... You’re not going crazy! And you’re not alone!


You simply need solutions to better understand women and be fully appreciated for all that you bring to the table.


And I happen to have the tools you need…


As a certified coach, I have worked with countless men like you - men who want fulfilling and passionate relationships that thrive. Men who have tried all the things but haven’t yet discovered anything that really works.


This online program teaches you simple insights &  integrative action steps to support you in relating with women so you can create a fulfilling and passionate relationship that lasts.

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This intimate and potent container is open to men seeking to better understand women.

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Save time arguing

by understanding each other in moments of disagreements, learning how to take responsibility for your triggers and minimise your projections

Empower women

to meet you in your needs, to understand you, see you, feel you and hear you by speaking a language she will understand

Communicate effectively

so that women understand you and respond to your sepcific need and desire.

Dissolve your resentment

by learning how to nurture your own needs first, becoming self-responsible for your boundaries and upholding your integrity around your standards for yourself

I totally understand your frustration, confusion and frankly, your feelings of emasculation by women.  I used to really struggle with relationships too before I learned what I know now about relating with women.


I can teach you the tools I’ve used to support many men like you in creating thriving, fulfilling and passionate relationships without having to compromise on your own needs and desires or lose yourself in the relationship.


The tweaks are simple and the transformation is everlasting.


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If you've ever...


lay next to your partner and felt like total strangers

felt so misunderstood you felt invisible

felt you're not on the same team as your partner

had endless conversations circling around with no real resolution

lost yourself in your relationship


THEN don't miss out, join the online experience of your choice now.


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You'll learn...

the differences between the male and female ways of interpreting things

practical and transformative action steps to integrate your learning

integrate the mature masculine and feminine archetypes

the power of open and effective communication

how to stay grounded in her emotional expressions

how to swiftly resolve conflict with ease

how to pleasure her body in ways she's never experienced before

how to help her trust you

how to support her to feel safe and secure

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Step 1 - Invest in yourself

Join other curious men like you and learn practical tools to understand women and enhance your relationships

I want to invest in myself

Step 2 - Learn the secrets

Integrate and embody an empowered, authentic version of yourself and create a fulfilling, passionate relationship that lasts

Step 3 - Create a fulfilling relationship

Experience the transformation to high-quality intimacy and learn the fine art of loving your woman sick.

Shane Zhou



Shane had two very clear and defined goals: to end the ghosting after the first date/secure a second date and to fearlessly approach women during the day (outside the bar).


A diligent personal development junkie, Shane was faced to do something he had never done before - stop thinking, be present and forget everything he had learned about dating.


Shane did what a lot of people do - he invested over $10K in countless dating books, exclusive workshops and seminars for mindset enhancements, men-only groups and high ticket mentors. Although these offered a newfound confidence and shift in his energy, the connections he was making with these men were not enough.


Intellectualising almost all the information that he consumed, and rather than approaching women organically, Shane was caught up on hitting hundreds (if not thousands) of swipes a week in online dating apps and using cheesy pickup lines that were seriously NOT working.


It was no shock to me that he was being ghosted. He had zero standards (swiping just anyone) and no idea how to trust himself in the moment. His energy was way off. He was attracting non-committal, mediocre women AND his fear of getting it wrong (by relying on overused pickup lines) was repelling high-quality women who would come his way.


Within three weeks of working together, Shane had not only scored a second date but he had also landed two dates with two different women in one week. This was a huge feat for someone who was constantly ghosted for almost two years.


In our one on one calls, Shane had nowhere to hide. He faced one of his biggest blocks (which is common in the self-help world), knowing his true self is good enough instead of always trying to better himself. And instead of planning what he would say every time he approached a girl by using a cheesy pickup line, he instead learned how to approach a woman with confidence to strike a conversation on the spot. 


Shane has recently canned the online dating game and amped up his day game. For the first time in his life, and within one week, he fearlessly approached 14 different women in random public places during the day and scheduled a hot date with one lucky lady.


He was prepared to look foolish (something people in their head have a hard time doing) and threw himself in the deep end. With no screen to hide behind, Shane learned how to overcome his fear of rejection and master the art of pursuit. 


Shane says, “I’m more comfortable expressing myself now”.


Be like Shane.


Get out of your own way and get yourself enrolled in Adore Your Woman - the ultimate program that will shift you out of your bullshit excuses and have you confidently captivating and dazzling women you desire to attract or the woman you devotionally love.

I know you are the kind of man who wants to feel appreciated and valued in your relationships with women.

In order to be met in that way, you need to learn how to better understand women and communicate in such a way that makes her feel safe and secure.

The problem is no matter what you do, it's never enough, which makes you feel hopeless about your relationship lasting any longer.

I believe relationships are our greatest teachers and they require love, devotion and work. I understand it can get frustrating and exhausting. That’s why I curated and condensed years of study and research into a four-month practical experience.

Here’s how it works; invest in the program and learn the practical tools to better understand women, learn the secrets and become your most empowered and authentic version of yourself and get turned on in your relationship.

Stop battling with your woman and start enjoying your love life on the same team!


The online program is available to join and purchase from 18 July 2022.


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