Join like-minded and self-responsible women who desire to integrate empowering techniques and tools to better understand men and create fulfilling, thriving relationships.

This program is facilitated online.

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I meet women all the time who feel frustrated and confused by men. We don’t exactly learn how to successfully do relationships at school.


Being in a relationship with the opposite sex isn’t easy. The truth is, it really is frustrating and confusing being with someone you don’t fully understand - and who doesn’t understand you. It’s totally normal to feel unseen and unheard. You’re not going crazy! And you’re not alone!


You simply need empowering tools to integrate the confident & authentic woman you truly are.


And I happen to have the tools you need…


As a certified coach, I have worked with countless women like you - women who want fulfilling and passionate relationships that thrive. Women who have tried all the things but haven’t yet discovered anything that really works.


This online program teaches you simple &  integrative insights into relating with men so you can create a fulfilling and passionate relationship that lasts.

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This intimate and potent container is open to women who desire to feel a deeper more intimate connection with men.


With three options to suit your specific needs.

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Anja Rose Tyrell

Sam, I want to write you this testimonial to say how grateful I am to have had you guide me through the last 4 month container of “What Men Want”. It was such a profound experience in my life, and to have you be a guide along the way in my personal relationship, really helped me realize how far I have come to call in this man into my life who is doing the work and can meet me in communication and wanting to deeper understand one another.

Your program has deeply influenced the way my partner and I practice communicating more clearly and wanting to try different ways in which we can connect and become closer.

This program should be taught at school!! Or at least should be something everyone should do in order to better understand how we better understand the biological, emotional and energetic differences between men and women…

Thank you for your beautiful space holding and presence 🙏

Rylie Baye

'What Men Want' has given me the ability to feel compassion towards males. As a hard core feminist this is something I never would have thought to be achievable. I’ve spent a lot of last two years blaming men for the collective oppression I felt in women. Now knowing what I know I am able to step into a new paradigm, one where I can integrate both my knowledge around women and now my new found knowledge around men in order to bring forth the true feeling of equality that I had been seeking as a feminist. The insights I have learnt through out this course have already helped me shape the way I interact and understand men. Through this I have deepened my current relationship with my partner, and found forgiveness for the men I have loved before. It’s real freedom to find true acceptance in things, and I have found acceptance in men.

Save time arguing

by understanding each other in moments of disagreements, learning how to take responsibility for your triggers and minimise your projections

Empower your man

to meet you in your needs, to understand you, see you, feel you and hear you by speaking a language he will understand

Communicate effectively

so that men understand you and respond to your sepcific need and desire.

Dissolve your resentment

by learning how to nurture your own needs first, becoming self-responsible for your boundaries and upholding your integrity around your standards for yourself

I totally understand your frustration, confusion and frankly, your dissatisfaction with men. In fact, I used to really struggle with men too before I learned what I know now about relating with men.


I can teach you the tools I’ve used to support many women like you in creating thriving, heart-centred and devotional relationships without having to compromise on your own needs and desires or lose yourself in the relationship.


The tweaks are simple and the transformation is everlasting.


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If you've ever...


lay next to your partner and felt like total strangers

felt so misunderstood you felt invisible?

felt you're not on the same team as your partner?

had endless conversations circling around with no real resolution?

lost yourself in your relationship?


Don't miss out, choose the best plan for you now.


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You'll learn...

the differences between the male and female brains

embodiment and integration practices

integrate the mature masculine and feminine

the art of open communication

sensuality and the playful energetics of seduction

emasculating vs. empowering a man

forgiving your man and dissolving resentment


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Step 1 - Invest in yourself

Choose your plan and learn practical tools to understand men and enhance your relationships

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Step 2 - Learn the secrets

Integrate and embody an empowered, authentic version of yourself and create a fulfilling, passionate relationship that lasts

Step 3 - Create a fulfilling relationship

Experience the transformation to high-quality intimacy and learn the fine art of loving your man sick.

I know you are the kind of woman who wants to be authentic and confident in your relationships with men.

In order to be that way, you need to learn how to better understand men and communicate in such a way that brings the best out of them.

The problem is resentment has built up, which makes you feel hopeless about your relationship lasting any longer.

I believe relationships are our greatest teachers and they require love, devotion and work. I understand it can get frustrating and exhausting. That’s why I curated and condensed years of study and research into a four-month educational experience.

Here’s how it works; invest in the program and learn the practical tools to better understand men, learn the secrets and become your most empowered and authentic version of yourself and get turned on in your relationship.

Reserve your spot. Starts 4 July 2022. Stop battling with your man and start enjoying your love life!


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