Do you struggle to express all parts of yourself in relationships?

Do you people please and over apologise for no reason?

Do you get thrown off centre really easily?


This twelve-month online program is a fun and intimate way to work with me.

In this highly transformative container, we deep dive into your self-sabotaging relationship patterns and transform you into your most empowered and radically expressed version.


Online Group Program Available.

Next intake January 2023.

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I meet people so apologetic and afraid to be themselves all the time. We live in a world where we are shamed if we do anything wildly outrageous (yet totally authentic) or we are made to feel guilty for choosing to fill up our own cup.


Being yourself, although it's natural can be weirdly uncomfortable (and scary), right? It doesn't make sense but it's a thing... for most people.  You're certainly not alone in this AND you don't have to keep living life dimming your own light either. 


There's space for all of us to shine!

 (Yes, I'm cheesy AF!!!)


What you need are uplifting and empowering tools to become confident, unapologetic and outrageously expressed! 


And I happen to have exactly what you need... (the cheese will never end)


As a certified coach, I have worked with countless clients who want to master themselves in dating and relating. People who have tried all the things but haven’t yet discovered anything that really works.


This online one on one program will have you step outside your comfort zone and build your self-esteem, teaching you how to unapologetically be yourself no matter who you're relating with.

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Starts January 2023.

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Weekly* Zoom Calls

Each week we will jump on a 90-minute Zoom call to complete integration practices and online coaching support.

* Total of three calls per month

Up to 30 minute theory videos per module

The best way to learn is to DO! Don't waste your time with hours of theory, instead learn practical tips that will help you create sustainable transformation.

One module per month

There's no rush. Take your time integrating years of wisdom and tools to enhance your relationships and transform your relationship patterns and behaviours.

Apply Now - January 2023

Radical Personal Responsibility

will give you the power to take control of your sabotaging patterns and behaviours.

Learn emotional intelligence

and become unshakeable in who you are by learning how to self-regulate and transform an emotional charge through movement and the habit change coaching method. Stand strong, centred and grounded.

Create Boundaries

and learn the difference between your fuck yes and fuck no. Learn how to graciously uphold your boundaries without being rigid or feeling victimised.

Transform your sabotaging relationship patterns

by learning how to nurture your own needs first, becoming self-responsible for your boundaries and upholding your integrity around your standards for yourself

I totally understand how confronting this work can be. In fact, I used to really struggle with insecurities before I learned what I know about self-confidence and authentically relating.


I can teach you the tools I’ve used to support many people like you in creating thriving, heart-centred and devotional relationships without having to compromise on your own needs and desires or lose yourself in the relationship.


The tweaks are simple and the transformation is everlasting.


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If you've ever...


people pleased to get approval and feel accepted or a sense of belonging

bit your tongue to avoid being perceived as too much

felt like you're too much

lost yourself in a relationship

felt insecure, needy or clingy and totally out of control of your emotions

nitpicked and avoided being with someone because of fear of commitment

admired people who give no fucks and say what they think and do what they want

Applications for 1:1 are currently closed.


But you can join like-minded people in an exclusive online group journey.


Starts Janaury 2023.

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You'll learn...

the art of self-commitment

radical personal responsibility 

how to alchemise triggers 


standards, expectations and needs

sabotaging and empowering relationship patterns and behaviours 

unexpressed parts of self (shadow work) 

integrating mature masculine and feminine 

connection to body, mind and spirit

heart centred, authentic and true connections 

sexual intimacy 

trusting your intuition

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Step 1 - Apply

Complete the application form and schedule a 15-minute interview to ensure you are the right fit for the program.

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Step 2 - Love Yourself First

Integrate and embody an empowered, liberated, fully expressed version of yourself and create fulfilling, authentic relationships

Step 3 - Create fulfilling relationships

Experience the transformation to high-quality intimacy and learn the fine art of loving yourself sick and being unapologetic with everyone around you.

I know you are the kind of person who wants to be authentic and confident in your relationships and how you show up in all areas of your life.

In order to be that way, you need to learn how to better understand yourself in order to fearlessly express yourself with no apology or limitation. 

The problem is we judge ourselves and hide our truth to avoid rejection, abandonment or any other fear-driven story we tell ourselves. This influences the way we relate with others.

I believe relationships are our greatest teachers and they require from us a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves so we can understand and accept others. I know it can feel overwhelming and exhausting to 'do the work' however, you and I both know how rewarding it can be on the other side. That’s why I curated and condensed years of study and research into a 12-month transformational and alchemical experience.

Here’s how it works; apply and schedule your interview, learn the secrets to loving yourself first and become your most empowered and authentic version of yourself and create nourishing relationships that bring the best out of you.

Schedule an interview and take the first step towards becoming the most confident and unfuckwithable version of yourself possible! 


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